We made it !

The protocol has been updated during the summer of 2020. The vast majority of the recommandations we formulated have been integrated in the new protocol !

You can read more about the update here.

This page is now archived and will not be updated in the future. It should be used only as a reference document regarding the first version of the protocol.

Why a protocol?

The Protocol was developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the event of a significant increase in the need for intensive care and insufficient resources to meet such a demand. 

If there were insufficient beds, ventilators, or even human resources, it would be necessary to choose which patient would have access to intensive care. 

The Protocol specifies the different criteria that should be used by health professionals to decide on a priority of service in the event of a shortage of resources. 

The selection of these criteria was made on the basis of ethical principles, such as maximizing profits, proportionality and fairness. 

Although the Protocol is not in effect at the moment, it could become so at any time if the pandemic situation worsens. It is currently widely distributed to healthcare professionals across the province, ready to be used if necessary. 

Why is a revision of the Protocol necessary?

In order to better understand the Protocol and the ways in which it matters for people with disabilities in Quebec, we invite you to consult the explanatory content of the site that we have created for you: 

Consult the Protocol

You may consult the Protocol and annexes on the Quebec College of Physicians website.