We made it !

The protocol has been updated during the summer of 2020. The vast majority of the recommandations we formulated have been integrated in the new protocol !

You can read more about the update here.

This page is now archived and will not be updated in the future. It should be used only as a reference document regarding the first version of the protocol.

We have formulated a few recommendations to the Health and Social Services ministry that respect the rights of people with disabilities.

  1. That the exclusion criteria referring to specific handicaps (such as cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) be removed from the Protocol; 
  1. That clinical evaluation tools relating to functional autonomy (such as the Clinical Frailty Score or the Functional Autonomy Measuring System) not be used to exclude a patient from intensive care; 
  1. That the Protocol offer the guarantees necessary for preventing discriminatory prejudices on the value of a disabled person’s life being included implicitly during the triage process. An explicit statement to that effect should also be included; 
  1. That the necessary accommodations for the disability will be in place, during and after critical care, so that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to receive, understand and benefit from this care; 
  1. That persons with disabilities and their representatives can participate in the revision of the Protocol; 
  1. That the Ministry of Health and Social Services be more transparent about the triage process for access to intensive care implemented in Quebec, in order to preserve public confidence.